Church Values

The foundation for our ministry is seen in our five core values: 

1. The Centrality of God's WordEverything we believe, teach, and attempt to live by is based on the Bible as the inspired Word of God.  

2. Relevant WorshipWe believe worship style should reflect the culture, without sacrificing character. We try to maintain a balance between traditional hymns and modern choruses, in an atmosphere that avoids being overly sloppy on the one hand, and overly stuffy on the other.  

3. Fervent PrayerWe believe in a living and active God who truly cares about the needs of His people. Prayer is the lifeline to our Heavenly Father, so we emphasize it in everything we do, whether the Sunday morning service, small groups, or personal decision making.  

4. Intentional DisciplemakingThe one "Great Commission" to the Church is to "Go. . .and make disciples of all the nations." We do this by maintaining a strong Bible-teaching ministry, small group gatherings, and a missional mindset to reach the lost in our community and around the world.  

5. Ministry To OthersAs a local church body, we want to show the love of God to a lost and dying world. We do this in the form of work projects, almsgiving, helping hands ministry, and generally being sensitive to any opportunities the Lord presents to us.