What is Evangelical Free?

LOGO: Evangelical Free Church of America - logo for evangelical free...The term "Evangelical Free" refers to our denomination, The Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). The EFCA was created in 1950 and consists today of about 1,500 churches. 

Although politics has tarnished the term Evangelical, we embrace the term as a principle that defines us as believers of the good news of the gospel.  In fact, the English word "evangelical" comes from the Greek word evangel, meaning "to announce the good news." At FEFC, we are Evangelicals who define ourselves theologically, yet recognize our diversity politically, socially, and culturally. 

The term Free refers to our form of church government. Although we are part of a denomination, we are independent in direction and free from a central controlling denominational body. Instead, we depend upon the active participation of pastors and members in the decisions and direction of our church. 

For more information about the EFCA, please visit www.efca.org